There are several ways a potential student can be selected and get started for the acceptance process for training in Bushin Ryu. The first is the most common which includes calling your local Dojo and speaking with the person who schedules new appointments. At our corporate locations we offer Free Dojo Tours as well as Trial Memberships for the selection process. Once you complete the trial process you can meet with the Sensei of the Dojo and go through an interview process in which you will have a conversation about your desire to study Bushin Ryu and what your goals are in addition to what the expectations of you as a student will be. The second is in regards to students who do not live in an area where a Dojo exists. We offer distance learning for those in this situation. We also offer students with martial arts background to be able to apply for Dojo Charter. Once you have become a student yourself there are many options at this level since the Kyokai is actively expanding. We offer school charters, as well as positions as “Official Representative” at the State, Regional and Country levels. There is a selection process for this as well. Only those chosen will be able to carry these titles and must go through a rigorous selection process.

The training process in general, has a system of e-learning that allows for distance education, providing the student a series of educational documents and multimedia that are published through the online reserved platforms we’ve created specifically for this purpose. This education would be in accompaniment of in person seminars with Kaiso D’Antonoli as well as education via videoconferencing. The Kyokai and Bushin Ryu as a whole have been specifically designed with growth in mind both as a business and a martial art. The video conferencing also allows the discussion of the issues on both martial practice as well as business consultation and the resolution of challenges the student is facing.

If you are reading this then you are probably already interested in becoming a student, an instructor or representative within your country, or at the very least undertake the study with our group, please read the following notes and conditions:

If you are inquiring to be a student at one of our schools and in the case you are a minor, your parent must make contact with the responsible representative of one of our schools.
We require like any other organization a statement from you attesting to your state of health, or which specifies your needs or restrictions due to illness or injury, so that we always guarantee a healthy practice and the necessary medical recommendations.
Anyone planning to begin the practice of Bushin Ryu, will incur an “interview”, this is a personal interview with a Kyokai Representative to clarify any issues that may concern you as well as prepare you for the expectations that will be required you meet as a student of Bushin Ryu. This interview will also identify best practices and offer detailed information about resources available to the student for every aspect of their training as well as outline the exact process for what position you’re applying for.
This process and system helps to ensure quality in every discipline and field of study within the Bushin Ryu System, as interest in Bushin Ryu does not automatically imply acceptance.